Class UMB

Merchant Shipping Notice

MSN 0001 Bulk Carrier                                             

MSN 0003 Certificate Issuing Policy                                    

MSN 0004 Implementation of the ISM Code                                   

MSN 0007 Emergency Escape Breathing Devices in Machinery Spaces                 

MSN 0008 Navigation Charts for Vessels Trading to Japan                                     

MSN 0009 Notification of Shore Station Facilities                                       

MSN 0010 Instructions to ROs on PSC Detentions & Surveys                                            

MSN 0011 Change of Flag and Ro Surveys                                      

MSN 0012 Attribution of Detentions & Targeting of ROs                                                                   

MSN 0014 Phase-out date for single hull tankers and CAS rev1                                         

MSN 0015 Annex VI of MARPOL – Air Pollution                                      

MSN 0016 Definition of Pleasure Yacht or Pleasure Craft                                      

MSN 0017 Crew Accommodation Certificate rev No.04                                         

MSN 0018 No. of Immersion Suits Carried onboard                                    

MSN-0019 Halons and Ozone Depleting substances                                    

MSN 0024 Work Hours and Rest Periods                                                                           

MSN 0027 Fuel Oil Controls by the European Union                                              

MSN 0028 Water Level Detectors                                   

MSN 0029 Instrument of Accession to certain protocols

MSN 0030 Guidelines to Owners, Operators & Masters on PSC Inspections          

MSN 0031 Transfer of ISM Certification between ROs                                           

MSN 0032 Reporting Deficiencies Relating to ISM Failures                                               

MSN 0033 Minimizing the risk of PSC Detentions                                      

MSN 0034 AFS Convention entry into force                                    

MSN 0035 Codes of Standards for Yachts in Commercial or Private use                            

MSN 0036 Implementation of the LRIT System                                          

MSN 0037 Annex IV Sewage entry into force                                             

MSN 0038 Entry Into Force Of The Bunkers Convention 2001       

MSN 0041 Principles of Minimum Safe Manning