Class UMB

ClassUMB as a Classification Society and Recognized Organization, highly depends on its reputation for technical competence, independence and integrity.
Our collective (corporate) as well as individual (employees and surveyors) adherence to defined strict ethical standards (code of ethics) are key factors in promoting the professionalism and the credibility of ClassUMB in the international maritime market.
Every employee and surveyor acting on behalf of ClassUMB is expected to fully abide by and always act in accordance with the highest standards of ethics, as defined and documented in our corporate Code of Ethics.
Our employees and associates realize that their activities will reflect on the Organization as a whole, and that the responsibility for the reputation of ClassUMB depends on each and every one of us.

The ClassUMB Code of Ethics addresses the following areas:
Quality, Integrity, Conflict of Interest, Corrupt Practices, Confidentiality, Classification, Political Lobbying, Civil Activities and Charitable Contributions, Alcohol and Drug Abuse, Undue Pressure.

The ClassUMB Code of Ethics is under continuous review and assessment, to ensure that is always updated and covers the current challenges of our Organization.